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Eclipse Gold: Your Golden Opportunity in one of the Richest and Safest Gold Locations in the World!
By Aaron Missere | August 12, 2020

Let’s first talk about Nevada. Nevada is one the most sought after gold locations in the world. It’s home to one of America’s biggest historical gold and silver rushes. A safe jurisdiction with incredible community and government support, it’s one of the world's safest and richest places to mine. It also holds the best infrastructure for large-scale mining projects. Access to roads, support, equipment and a skilled workforce are among the top bottlenecks for most mining companies. But not in Nevada, a place able to support the kind of project Eclipse Gold is scaling (the Hercules Project). Eclipse knows the value of this place, and so should you! About 25 miles (40 kilometers) southeast of Reno on the Walker Lane Gold Trend, Eclipse Gold and it’s Hercules Project are positioned perfectly for a massive discovery. An exploration stage company, Eclipse has incredible potential and may be a rare and optimal opportunity for today’s gold bull market. Let’s talk about their Hercules Project and the quality of their jurisdiction: It’s in Nevada, one of the world’s richest gold locations. A place immersed in a rich history of gold and silver rushes from the beginning of America. Exceptional infrastructure with Reno and Carson City nearby allowing Eclipse to scale with ease. Skilled workforce, access to roads and equipment and everything a mining company needs to scale quickly and efficiently without any bottlenecks. Safe and supportive jurisdiction with legal protections, government and community support in a business-friendly state. Home to the world's largest producing gold complex. A clear sign of the potential richness and scalability of Eclipse’s Hercules Project. Right geology (heap leach, oxide) and setting for large-scale operations that are low-cost and near-surface. An important factor in reducing cost per ounce and allowing for low environmental impact at scale. Management is just as important as Eclipse’s location. Eclipse has an incredible talent pool of leaders with a clear ability to execute. Their collective funding success of over $2 billion in both strong and weak markets presents a track record unmatched by most companies. Led by CEO and Director Michael G. Allen and a team of highly specialized directors, Eclipse Gold has an incredible collective strength to execute a bold strategy and deliver for its shareholders. So look out! Some upcoming catalysts include, geophysics and new drill target definition, expanded permitting for more drilling, phase 2 drilling and finally the next round of drilling results. These could potentially propel the value for shareholders immensely. Combined with Eclipse’s bold strategy and executive abilities, Eclipse Gold is definitely a gold bull’s perfect opportunity! Let’s just summarize. Eclipse has a proven team with repeated successes. Funding strength in all market conditions. They’re located in a premier safe and supportive jurisdiction with incredible advantage and a rich gold history. But most importantly, Eclipse Gold has exceptional talent with proven experience to execute a bold strategy and deliver for shareholders. Eclipse Gold has truly aligned itself to be a potentially unmatched opportunity for any gold investor.

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