About Us

Departures Capital is an investor focused marketing company dedicated to creating value for shareholders and public companies through targeted and informative multi-level marketing. We are dedicated to understanding and unlocking value with every new digital trend from Reels to Tiktoks and beyond. We were one of the first to put interviews on Youtube and now one of the first to create viral short-form content on Tiktok among other platforms. Our strategy stems from a constant desire to build the most innovative content on the most engaging distribution channels.

Our Team

Aaron Missere

CEO Departures Capital

Aaron is a serial entrepreneur. He started his journey in real estate in his early twenties as both a realtor and property manager. Later on, he moved to Asia and traveled all over the world while gaining perspective on investing in order to create the financial freedom to travel. His interests aligned when he founded Departures Capital; a community of investors seeking financial freedom. Aaron is passionate about building his business, learning from new and exciting leaders/CEOs and gaining insight on the overall market. He is an avid F1 fan and always finds time to travel to new places.

Matthew Semik

CTO Departures Capital

Matthew has been creative his whole life. From his early teens, he’s been programming and designing different web applications as a hobby. Departures Capital gave him the opportunity to explore his creative abilities as a brand expert and content creator. Matthew is now focused on using his abilities as a programmer to build new technologies in the investor relations space. He is passionate about sci-fi and loves Star Trek.

Kenneth M.

CSM Departures Capital

Kenneth is a pivotal member of Departures Capital. As a new part of the team, Ken has proven his ability to manage content, connect with clients and develop key business relationships. He has a strong interest in financial markets and has a relentless drive to improve his abilities. Ken is extremely family oriented and is known for his kind heart. His ability to show compassion and build relationships based on trust is a key reason he is part of the Departures Capital team.

Alex Dunatov

CSO Departures Capital

Alex is passionate about building & maintaining meaningful relationships in life and in business. Starting his career in commercial real estate in Seattle and California, he found his footing in Vancouver within the capital markets space with a specialization in sales and marketing strategies. He enjoys the outdoors including skiing, hiking, fishing and hunting although his real hobby lies in his passion for cars. His rare talent is his ability to create meaningful conversations with people from all walks of life.